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Does anyone know about brusselators?

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    I just maybe realized something: out of the what, 2 million people in PF I may be the expert on brusselators. Surely it ain't so Jack. And I won't bore many of you reading this trying to explain what a brusselator is.

    Well, someone in PF is asking me for help and I don't feel like it. I feel bad about it. It's not easy. I mean the brusselator. It would take lots of work for me to even review it as it's been a few years since I've worked on it. Got other things to do. Still I feel bad about it.

    Surely I'm not the brusselator expert in here.
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    Brusselator? Is that what you use to "persuade" kids who don't want to eat their vegetables?
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    Ok, I'm sorry. I should have explained. It's a differential equation and what I'm sayin' is that well, if nobody else can do it out of the millions of PF members, and I'm the only one (with Mathematica code that runs nicely), then maybe I might feel a little obligated to at least just look into it. There are some very smart people in the DE forum though.
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    I had to write a brusselator program for my stochastic processes class last semester using the Gillespie direct method.
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    Hello Pythagorean,

    And you weren't interested in the Red Bull speed ball huh? Neural stuff, no? But I digress.

    I seem to have lost the PM I received asking for help. I guess I deleted it thinking it was the same person who asked me a few months ago. Maybe though it wasn't.

    Anyway, I would have asked you if you would have been willing to help someone with it but I don't remember who the person was. I really barely understand it; enough to write code for the Turing patterns to emerge, some other nice GUI stuff.

    How about if anyone else asks me, I'll suggest to them they contact you or anyone else replying to this thread that is familiar with it. In that way I can help.
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    I'm no expert, really. The brusselator wasn't that engaging for me, it was just a homework assignment and the assignment as a whole was more focused on studying Gillespie's stochastic sumulation algorithm (ssa).
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    I have lived my entire life (> 50 years) and worked my entire engineering career without knowing what a brusselator is, nor even hearing the term until I read this thread. Thankfully, also, I was never forced to write a brusselator program using the direct Gillespie method either. Gillespie? Wasn't he the sheriff over in Sparta, Mississippi a while back?
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    I mean me neither dude. I heard about them when I was a young boy. I had this Popular Science book on mathematics and it briefly mentioned the elusive "simultaneous system of non-linear partial-differential equations" and I was intrigued. It took me most of my life to find out what they actually were and since I live in a constant state of barely understanding the math I work on, these are no exceptions. :)
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    It (Gillespie's method) is actually a pretty slick way of solving stochastic systems. If you want to do it explicity, you can't use your standard Runge-Kutta and/or Euler methods. The statistics don't work out. In stochastic systems, the step size goes as sqrt(dt) rather than dt :bugeye:.
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    well I mean if you guys wanted to start a brand-new thread about it and stuff, I might be willing to dig-up some of my code. I don't know so much about the statistics but I recall using only the build-in methods and techniques of NDSolve in Mathematica to generate all sorts of Turing patterns in 2D, and I guess I did some other things as well, mostly illustrating nicely the results in different formats.

    I stopped working on it a few years ago because I didn't see anything new I could contribute.
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    I'm good; I have a dissertation and a manuscript to put my effort into, currently.
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    Good to hear that. Make something happen! :)
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    I guess I made a mistake starting this thread. I'm sorry. It's not that much work and at least now I know who it is so if they are willing to start a brand-new thread on coding the Brusselator in Mathematica in the coding forum, I'll help if I can.

    Guess we can't just delete the whole thing right?
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