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Does Global Warming Impact Locales Causing it More?

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    We know that greenhouse gases are the biggest cause of global warming and that the Earth has gotten warmer and warmer over the past few decades.

    Question: Since not all locales produce greenhouse gases (namely, carbon dioxide) equally, are the effects of global warming distributed more to those locales that do?

    For example, if China produces 20x more carbon dioxide than Russia, would China experience more negative effects of it like extreme weather events?
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    Greenhouse gases will rapidly distribute internationally.
    Strong effects are based on local climate effects, not the source of emissions.

    Even less global effects like acid rain caused by particular emissions are often strongest down wind of the sites of emissions.
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    Thread has been closed as it does not meet our rules for discussing only the science of Climate Change and no sources were cited. The rules are pinned at the top of the Earth forum.
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