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A Does rotational motion affect the translational motion?

  1. Dec 14, 2016 #1
    A flying object is moving in 3D space having translational velocity and the object is also rotating. Consider a body frame (xb-yb-zb) attached to the C.G of the moving body. Hence the body attached frame is also translating and rotating (as the object is flying) with respect to a fixed inertial frame. The inertial frame(X-Y-Z) is attached and fixed at some specific location on ground(earth). Due to the effect of both translation and rotation a Coriolis kind of force (rotational velocity cross translational velocity) ω×ν will exist in body attached frame (xb-yb-zb). Here ω: Rotational velocity of the flying object, v: velocity of the object represented in body attached frame (xb-yb-zb).

    I would like to know :
    Does any equivalent force of ω×ν will exist in the inertial frame? In other words, using the frame transformation (from body attached frame to inertial frame) can we realize the ω×ν effect in inertial frame?
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    In your described scenario, every point in the body is at rest with respect to the rotating coordinates, so there's no Coriolis force. Remember the rotating reference frame is attached to the center of mass of the object, so there's no translational velocity in that frame.
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    upload_2016-12-15_7-41-16.png here is the equation in body fixed frame
    where U V W are velocity component of moving body represented in body frame. P Q R are body rotation rates in respective direction
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    No, inertial forces exist only in non-inertial frames.
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