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Does the pilot's claim credible?

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    Is it possible that the claim of the pilot is true that he can sue the earth's field to navigate in air in a plane without engines?

    He will induce a charge in the body of the plane, so that a force of magnetic origin is exerted on the plane, because the charge that is moving in a magnetic field experience a force. If the force is large to counter the weight... the plane "floats"...

    But I think this may be possible. But maybe if he could induct lots of charge on the plane
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    Do Not Invest Any Of Your Money In His Scheme.
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    Your pilot seems anstonishing ignorant of some basic notions - like air drag and gravity to say nothing of Ohm's Law and the principle of Energy Conservation. How DID he get his pilot's license? Oh, wait, he's into a new business now!
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    I'd rather not insult, and tell him nicely what is wrong with his theory.
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    Do you have any reason to think he would understand your explanation?

    In any case, Tide's response was not directed to the author of the theory.
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