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Does the Universe Exist if We're Not Looking?

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    Is the universe my own? I mean the whole of it, because I am the observer. If I was not there to observe it, would it exist at all?
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    I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I exist whether you are looking at me or not.
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    I guess It would exist, but not as a universe. It would not have any 'thing' in it at all, just undefined masses of undefined unknowable's.
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    Why? Why would the univese care whether you are looking or not? Did the universe not exist before you were born? If it did not how did you GET here????
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    Why would it have the ability to care or not care at all? Of course it existed before I or you were born, but without an intelligent or dumb observer, there was nobody to think of it as a universe or something well-defined at all, with discernable substructure, discernable objects, discernable events or anything. You have the ability to care, to discern, to call something by a name, to grasp and behold. Without you or anything like you, what is the universe really?
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    Yeah this is very interesting to me as well. I understand that electrons are particles when they're being observed and are waves when they're not so in that case somebody observing something can change the nature of reality. I don't think this applies to the universe as a whole though.
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    "You can't see me!" I cried as I covered my eyes.
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    Sorry, but we don't do philosophy here anymore.
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