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I Does the wave function shorten when approaching light speed?

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    Relative to the observer, objects shorten when approaching the speed of light exponentially. Does this rule also apply to the wave function? Does this rule also apply to massless particles like Photons?

    Or am I just simply forgetting something?
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    Wave function is not an object that move in space, so the answear is: no. With photons: can you rephrase your question? It doesn't make much sense. But I guess the answear will still be no:wink:
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    There's a lot more to reconciling quantum mechanics and relativity than just tweaking your notion of the wave function. You can get a sense of just how much more from something like the first chapter of Mark Srednicki's QFT textbook; a free publicly available draft is linked from https://web.physics.ucsb.edu/~mark/qft.html (I'm not recommending this one because it's better or worse than any other, it just happens to available free online without violating any copyrights).
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