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Double helix and conciousness

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    [SOLVED] Double helix and conciousness

    What do you know about Conciousness. It is a further development on the double helix theory.

    Francis Crick
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    consciousness is awareness of ones surroundings. But I am not aware of the double helix theory, so if you'd explain what it is, i'll make a bit more of an educated reply.
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    Should these be considered questions?
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    unsure of what the meaning of this topic is intended for?
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    Re: Re: Double helix and conciousness

    If you are asking questions, you should include question marks. If not, then you should explain what point you are trying to state, because I can't see it.
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    On the advice of kerrie

    We have just done an assembly on the duble helix and how someone has discovered the cells that petrude from conciousness It was really a debate about the lower power of religion
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