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Double major EE and BA in physics

  1. May 20, 2009 #1
    Well it's a relatively old question, but I think most people asked about two bs' in EE and Physics. What are peoples opinions on BSEE and a BA in physics?

    After reading and doing research I don't think it behooves one much to have a bs in both fields, but as for myself I am still very interested and physics and a minor just doesn't seem like enough. My main pursuit is EE (I'm actually also considering a MS in EE so that might be something to throw out there too) but I think the phyics classes would be interesting and augment the engineering without becoming too overwhelming.

    Any other opinions?
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    Hi there,

    I have been away from North America for too long. Can you remind me what is BS and BA???

    My opinion is that you should study a field where you have a great passion, and not necessarily think of a future job. That's what I did, and it brought me half across the world, to a very interesting position.

    Once you have a passion for something, you should always be able to find a job opportunity for it, mainly because you will be convinced about your subject. Otherwise, if you choose a field for future job reasons, you might be missing out on some passion of yours.

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    as BS is a bachelor of science, that one is more mathematically rigorous you take i think 3 more math classes a few more physics ones.
    a BA is less intensive it qualifies you for teaching, usually not research. Its not as in depth or concentrated as a BS, with a BA you have a lot more room for electives but it is more condusive to double majors because it isn't as in depth.

    I'd say my main goal IS engineering, I just love physics, and feel that maybe a more in depth understanding of it would surely help in some engineering pursuits
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    A short answer is that you're better off majoring in one and minoring the other. The workload is quite heavy for both majors. As an EE student, I'll favour majoring in EE and minoring in physics. But that's just because I feel physics as a major helps you less than EE as major when it comes to jobs. It's your call to decide what you love. Having physics as a minor doesn't mean you can't take extra physics classes for your unrestricted elective classes. That's how it works for my college.

    If you choose to specialise in microelectronics/nanoelectronics in EE, you'll find a lot of overlap between the upper year physics classes (especially if you also pick classes in that field) and your study in EE. This'll help to reduce to workload, although your college might have a policy which prevents you from picking similar modules from different faculties.
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