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Drag equation using wind to create 3d graph (Again)

  1. Mar 6, 2013 #1
    Hey guys, I am back again with a drag related question, earlier I posted a thread asking how I could incorporate wind into a drag equation of sorts to create a 3d graph that shows the trajectory of a projectile.

    The help I received helped me add head winds and tail winds, however I am now having problems adding side winds.

    I know this will only be easy using a sphere because the cross-sectional area will be the same from any angle.

    For some reason when I change the wind speed the graph completely flops sides. For example if I have a wind striking my projectile from the right, or from a 90 degree angle, at 15mph (6.7056m/s) it will show the projectile being pushed 4m to the left, however if you change the speed to 12mph it shows the projectile being pushed 2m to the right.

    I dont know what to do from here. If you would like to see how the graph acts first had you can download my spreadsheet here:

    NOTE: you need openoffice to open this file, it may not work in excel because of the difference in the in-cell programing
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