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Earth's Energy Out of Balance?

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    Sure enough this came up somewhere:



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    The paper by Hansen et al was published in Science. Are you suggesting that the reviewers paid no attention to the 'consistency check' for significance used by the authors?

    And what makes LuboŇ° Motl a qualified authority to comment on the error margin produced by the computer model? Did anyone inform the editor of the journal of the issue, or write a commentary, since the accusation is serious.
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    Well, after the war of the Hockeystick explained best here by Richard Muller, there may be a inverse proportionality trend between attractiviness of conclusions and acceptance standards of reviewers. Clearly this is a mild difference of opinion compared to that war. There is an older thread about that.

    My personal view of authority would be knowledge, brainpower and a clean unbiased use of scientific methods. Unfortunately that's not how the world seems to work.

    BTW, The equivocation problem here is a difference between accuracy and precision. Compare it with the carbon dating problems in the other palaeo glaciation thread. The AMS carbon dating method is very precise with error margins of about 0,3% but highly inaccurate with errors up to 25% due to environmental bias.

    To underscore this point may I also recommend:
    showing that the loss of extra energy in the 30N-30S band in the last two decades is 2.9 W/m2, about three times larger than the "unbalance" found in Hansen et al (but measured by the same satellites!).

    Welcome in the global warming war. :smile:
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