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Education/knowledge level for Physics Forum discussions

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    In a thread I started in Quantum Physics section, the mentors implied that they wouldn't be discussing any issues relating to photons unless we had studied and completed the equivalent level of a Ph.d degree in Physics and had taken advanced courses in QED. I didn't see anything in the Guidelines about such an advanced education being required to discuss on this Forum, at least when discussing on a basic knowledge level. I don't know why but I assumed perhaps these Forums were also used by people either in university or having an undergraduate science degree or equivalent level of understanding. Could someone please clarify this and perhaps put it in the Guidelines. It's embarrasing to post messages only to be told how much of an idiot you are. It would be better to understand the rules to begin with.
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    Then you have completely misunderstood the responses you got.

    The objection that some of us had was NOT that you wanted to discuss something. The objection was that you ALREADY made up your mind and proposing so-and-so is not correct, or can't be valid, simply based on YOUR limited understanding. This is what most of the objections were directed to. You dismissed something simply because you didn't understand it. You dissed Feynman simply because you didn't get what he said, or even his body of work. All because it didn't fit into an Intro Physics text that you keep refering to, as IF more advanced coverage of physics doesn't exist.

    This wasn't a "discussion". It is simply a means to perpetuate your ignorance. This is clearly covered in the Guidelines under posting guideline.

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    Please be reasonable on this. Can you say, in all honesty, that we did not take the effort of explaining our point (as well as the specific answers to your question) in an elaborate manner ? Just count the number of posts in that thread.

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    I assume the thing that ben objected to is the sort of tone that zapper z has again adopted here, with capital letters and put downs, e.g., implying the listener is an idiot or a slow child. although i say this with trepidation, based on previous unpleasant experiences with you, I think you should take some anger management classes mr. z, and generally try to show more respect for others. in my opinion your behavior ill suits a mentor.
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    Hi Ben, I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. This is something that should be discussed via PM. Please contact me or another staff member.
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