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Effects of rewinding ind. motors with higher resistance that the initial?

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    I wonder where I work, 3-phase ind. motor with 80 ohms resistance per phase from the manufacturer was re winded and the new resistance per phase was 89 / 90 / 94 Ohms in the 3 phases. when the motor was put back, it burnt within few hour, why was this?
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    Infantile mortality due to shorted winding?

    Why the large disparity in resistance? Did someone loose count?
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    So does it mean that had it been there was no short winding the motor couldn't burn although with high resistance? if so what are the effects of such higher resistance?
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    We can think about the higher resistance in the winding as an extra resistor in series with the initial windings, so the same concept as using a rheostat in starting induction motors, thus the high resistance indicates a low motor speed, but it does not cause to burn the motor.
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    It is very clear, Increasing of Ri2 losses and consequent unbalance core fluxes (negative sequence rotary field) due to phases emf unbalancing without any cooling system modification can be caused motor burning.

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    There are several souces for an inbalanced reistance that I can think of:

    1) Mis-wired phases
    2) Variations in wind length, e.g.: An outer winding is longer than an inner winding
    3) Turns count variation
    4) Shorted turns
    5) Wire gauge doesn't match
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