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Einstein wrote his essay: The world as I see it in English or German?

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    A very famous one which starts with:
    "What an extraordinary situation is that of us mortals! Each of us is here for a
    brief sojourn; for what ...."
    I'm a little curious because I'm not an English native and feel so strange by grammar of the essay. And I guess he did write it originally in English :D Someone know about this :) ?
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    Hi FVS! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    I don't know whether Einstein wrote this piece of English, or whether a translator wrote it, but whoever it was was obviously influenced by traditional religious English.

    If you look at the King James Version or the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, or traditional Christian or Jewish prayer-books, you'll see where he was coming from! :wink:
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    Einstein wrote it in German under the title Mein Weltbild.
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    [STRIKE]Der Aufsatz ist sehr interessant.[/STRIKE]

    Edit: Keeping with the forum rules; "The essay is very interesting." :redface:
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    Please keep to PF rules:

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