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Electric currents and conductors

  1. Jun 21, 2013 #1
    when current passes a conductor?
    does it also generate an electric field with a magnetic field?
    also what is the difference between the two fields?(i searched it up but i still don't get it)
    also are electric fields harmful to humans?(are they the same as radio waves?)
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    wherever there is current there is an electric and magnetic field also , because the flow of current creates the EM field.
    Now if you have a wire that is charged at any given potential but isn't connected in a circuit or there is no path for the current to flow then there is only an electric field which is created by the charge in the conductor.
    An electric field turn to EM field only when there is current flow.
    No current flow no magnetic field.

    In easy terms the difference between them would be that an electric field arises wherever there is charge with a different potential than ground ( the reference point) but a magnetic field arises only when the charge is moving either back and forth like in AC or in one way Like DC.
    For the charge to move you need to give a path for it to flow and then current arises.
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    okay but are those electric fields used to create radio waves
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