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Electric Dipole Moment

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    Hi friends as all know that the direction of electric dipole moment vector is from negative charge towards the positive charge. I am pretty confuse that this direction is allotted to the dipole moment vector with some reason or just by convention.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Mostly by convention - it is done this way to make the signs consistent with the rest of physics.
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    hi thunderhadron! :smile:

    yes, it seems anomalous …

    the polarisation field P is the sum of the electric dipole moments p, and:

    ·E = ρtotalo
    ·D = ρfree
    ·P = -ρbound

    because of that, we have D = eoE + P, making it looks as if D is the total electric field, instead of E :redface:

    (also, it means that the energy of an electric dipole p in an electric field E is minus p·E)​
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