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Electric field and potential on a singular spin helix

  1. Jun 23, 2015 #1
    Hello dear physics masters on earth, I am very grateful to be priviliged to ask you a question regarding electric fields and potential of a single-cpin helix. It is portrayed as below.

    It is a line of uniform charge, and 1-turn helix with radius R and height H. I have came to ugly answers, and I cannot verify whether I am right or wrong. I'm trying to calculate electric field and potential of a random point, assuming that the field is still applied on the point. I have tried to integrate electric field applied from a segment, which didn't turn out well. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

    s.PNG ss.PNG
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    Why don't you show us what you already calculated?
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    I actually found out. I had to set V = (k*delta Q)/r and integrate it, setting r as sqrt(R^2 + h^2), setting range between 0 and h.
    Acknowledging delta Q = Q/L where L is the length, integration will give same result as given.
    A tricky part for me was where h came from on the constant side. I found out that h is equal to L, after drawing that by myself on a water bottle...

    Thanks for your concern anyways, and that's how I found the result out.
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