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Electric field outside a gaussian surface

  1. Feb 18, 2016 #1

    If we have a gaussian surface that is placed in a uniform electric field E and encloses 0 charge, what would the E-field at the gaussian surface be? I have assumed the gaussian surface to be cubic surface, and then I have found from Gauss's law that the electric field is zero at the surface even though there is a constant electric field. Can someone please clarify what I am not getting here. Is the electric field in the closed surface integral of Gauss's law is only related to the enclosed charge or is related to outer charges.

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    It is only related to the enclosed charge. Think about it this way. The field lines from unenclosed charge that enter the Gaussian surface will exit it eventually, producing no net flux.
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    So gauss's law provides information related to the enclosed charge, but nothing about electric field and charge magnitude outside the gaussian surface.
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