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Electric Longboard Gear Ratio

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    I would like to know what gear ratio i would need for my electric longboard. The goal is to run the longboard at 30 - 40 km/h at max power. Me and the longboards weight is approximately 65 kg. The brushless motor i am running has an rpm of approximately 18000 rpm (as it is an airplane engine) and a torque of 1,24 Nm. I would like to be able to go up a 10 degrees incline at 10 - 20 km/h. The longboard wheel is 75 mm in diameter. My question to you is: "How big a gear ratio should i use, and achieve said goals?". I would like to know all formels and equations, and also all the variables.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome to PF Josef!:smile:.
    This section is for introduction only. Post this question in the Mechanical Engineering forum.
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    OK! Thanks and sorry! I'm somewhat of a noob here...
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