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Electrical engineer jobs that aren't hardware based

  1. May 6, 2015 #1
    How do I find electrical engineering jobs that aren't hardware based? I am looking for jobs that are more software/programming/statistical based work. My undergraduate was in economics and mathematics. My masters is in electrical engineering with an emphasis in communications. When searching for entry level engineering jobs, I can't seem to find jobs more in the software/statistical side of things. What should I be searching under?
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    Embedded software would be one option that has many jobs, unless that is too close to hardware. What kind of statistical work do you want? Try searching for disciplines which use statistics heavily, for example signal processing, and also try searching by programming languages/software packages, e.g. Matlab. Availability of these sorts of jobs is likely to vary greatly by location. SF Bay Area would be an obvious choice if you are in the US, but it's extremely expensive, almost prohibitively so if you are entry-level.
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    Want something practical, yet heavily statistical? Try working on electric distribution grids for cities. Companies such as Exelon and Entergy are hiring.
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