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Electrical engineering research proposal ideas

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    I am taking a senior electrical engineering course in which I and other group members will write and present a research proposal. I am looking for ideas for a research topic and was wondering if anyone knows of good sources to checkout to help find an original research topic. Please note that this is a research proposal and not a product development proposal. Also, we will not actually be conducting the research. We are just writing a proposal.
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    jim hardy

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    Where are you located, country, state and town?
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    what are your interests?
    what field(s) do you want to work in after graduation?

    what recent advances have there been in that field? (google scholar, and doaj.org are very useful. Your school's library probably also has access to non-free journals.

    of these advances, which would you like to extrapolate on?

    What is your dream-widget (the invention/development that you want to give the world before you die)? Can you take steps towards that?

    What phenomena/development do you know very well (can you explain something inside and out to a non-technical person?)
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    I'd say transformer protection, it has been a hot topic for a very, very long time.
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    FPGA implementation of Linear programming
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