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Electromagentic brake for AC motor

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    I want to create a electromagentic brake for AC motor.
    could you let me know how can I calculate wire lengh and what is the gauge of wire. if you have any calculating table please let me know.

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    Re: Electromagnetic

    the wire gauge can be calculated by the current that will be running through the wire, and the number of turns you need can be calculated if you know the current, gauge, and length of the coil. The length of wire you need can be calculated by Length=(l/G)*(∑((2*pi)^N)*(r+(G*N))) where l=the length of the coil, G= the diameter of the wire, r=the inner radius of the coil,N = 1 to total number of layers. ∑ means do that part of the calculation for each layer, then sum the numbers

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