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Electromagnet repulsion increased significantly

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    when two electro magnets are coiled the same and same direction of current are placed S to S so they repell... is the force acting upon them to separate ( push away ) exponentially increased (when they are very close) as each of the separate magnets current is increased?
    is there a formula im looking for?
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    The magnetic force between two current carrying wires is proportional to the product of the currents i1 * i2. The constant of proportionality depends on the geometry of the coils and can be increased by engineering, but the dependence of the force on the magnitude of the currents is always a simple linear relationship.
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    that makes sense, i figured it worked like that :smile: whats that you say about geom and the force can be increased with proper engineering? are you referring to the shape of the core which the coils are wrapped around? can a metric pentagon or octagon bar increase the strength of the force because of the structural rigidity?
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