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Electromagnetic filters (color filters)

  1. Mar 30, 2015 #1
    Hello all
    I am searching for electromagnetic filters(color filters) for visible region of EM spectrum with narrow bandpass. I want to filter the white beam with continuous spectrom (400 to 800 nm) into red,blue,green and ...with FWHM about 1 nm around each line.
    Is there such EM filters?
    How can i purvey such filters?
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    Just one line per filter?
    There are tons of filters, several of them should give a width of 1nm or smaller. Lyot filters look interesting. They can have multiple transmission windows, too.
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    Yes. just one line per filter. I can't open your link it seems a bad title page in Wikipedia.
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    no probs with the link here
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    OK. Link problem is fixed.
    Thanks all.
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    Typing in '1nm bandpass optical filters' in google seemed to bring up a ton of results. I'm sure you could find everything you need.
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