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Hello, I am building a generator for a project in my physics class. I have lots of magnetic wire and 6 VERY strong neodymium magnets, their area isn't overly large (I'd say about 1.5x1.5 inches). How many coils would be best for me to make for the stator? Im making a circular spinning disk type one. I read somewhere that 12 magnets means 12 coils and so on so am I only able to make 6 coils or can I make 9? I'm just not sure if it would interfere with the magnetic field the coils generate or something else that would lead to the generator not outputting much power. Thanks a lot!


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tachyon man,

Have you searched for how others have designed and built this kind of generator? Google is your friend. It can help you find information. Learn to use Google search and you will get new knowledge, satisfaction, and be happier.

I entered the search words “electric generator with permanent magnets design” and about 2,940,000 results appeared in 0.28 seconds. Why not try to discover how others build permanent magnet generators? Then if you have any doubts or specific questions, post them here. Members here are always willing to assist any true searcher trying to learn the mechanisms of nature.

Google is indeed my friend and i have tried searching but no one seems to have a limited magnet source, the designs ive seen use more magnets but weaker ones. I was just wondering if more coils = more power or if there is a optimal ratio of coil to magnet to ensure maximum power output. Thanks!
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