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Electromagnetic induction near a generator

  1. Jul 3, 2012 #1
    Hi , i am a highschool student ( class 10 ) and after reading about electromagnetic induction iwas thinking about what if u place a wire coil connected to a circuit in the magnetic field / near a generator ? Because electricity is turned of for a fraction of a second there will be great variation of magnetic field which would induce current in the coil ? Am i incorrect ?
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    Yes, in principle. However, well-designed generators and transformers use iron cores to guide magnetic fields lines for maximum efficiency so that the stray magnetic field is very small and not really usable. It may be measureable, though.

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    oo thanks buddy but tell me how much rotation speed of magnets i need to induce a small amount of current like lighting a really small bulb ?
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    Connect an LED to a small motor from a battery powered toy.
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