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Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering Book

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    Does anybody know of any online source for Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering? I've only been able to find http://www.ece.mtu.edu/faculty/ljbohman/onlinetext/elint200.pdf" [Broken]

    I suppose a real book would be fine too.
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    Can you be more specific, i.e. what areas of EE or Computer Engg are you interested in reading about?

    Do you want an introduction to electronic circuits? In my freshman year as an EE undergrad, we used Kemmerly and Hayt (hopefully I got the spelling right). Then we graduated to Microelectronics by Sedra and Smith, and a bunch of other books. I've heard of a book by Rizzoni, but I don't know how it is.

    As for computer engg, you probably want to have a look at a book on computer architecture.
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    I'm actually interested in electronic circuitry. I've found some books out there but I'm not sure that they're what I'm looking for.
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    Ok, what specifically?
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