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Electrons: Questions about observations, semantics & concepts

  1. Jul 29, 2013 #1
    I've been puzzling over things I've read about quantum physics as it relates to reports of things "seen" and the nature of the concepts/semantics/assumptions involved. If this sounds vague its because my thoughts are not fully formed on this. Some detail:

    In a new article titled: "Physicists Debate Whether the World Is Made of Particles or Fields--or Something Else Entirely "

    A comment by TitusWu caught my eye; the post was:

    "Man. All of this is crazy. So particles are just excitations of a field, and even then scientists don't know what exactly a field is."

    And what are physicists "seeing" here:

    And what is the "Scanning Tunneling Microscope "seeing:"

    To what degree are we sure that what is seen in pictures is what it is conceptualized to be?

    How do these ideas and observations relate to the concept that "There are no electrons:"

    Thanks for you thoughts
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    hi there :)
    welcome to PF

    just to take one of your links

    you didn't really think there's no such things as electrons did you ?

    they are not saying there are no electrons. They are just explaining everyday electronics in an easy practical way without getting bogged down in electron etc theory.

    hopefully they are doing the subject justice ( I haven't read the book)

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