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Element 114 = Flerovium; Element 116 = Livermorium

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    http://www.webelements.com/flerovium/, Fl

    http://www.webelements.com/livermorium/, Lv
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    Aw, geez! Now I have to update all my periodic tables!
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    I had seen a couple of tables which had these listed over a few months ago, but its good to have them official now! :)
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    At least you don't have to update all the flasks containing Lv and Fl compounds 8]. If those things actually existed for more than a few nanoseconds, it would be such a hassle with the confusion potential between Fl and F(lourine)I(odine)...
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    Good to see 2 new official members admitted to the periodic table club.
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    Re: Livermorium

    I don't think this name is appropriate. If you held an ounce of it, you'd actually Livelessium.
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    There were only 92 of which the news had come to Harvard,
    And there may be many others - now some have been discarvard. :blushing:
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