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Elevator controller design project

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    I am designing a controller for an elevator. The elevator can be at one of two floors: Ground or First. There is one button that controls the elevator, and it has two values: Up or Down. Also, there are two lights in the elevator that indicate the current floor: Red for Ground, and Green for First. I am stuck on how do l add the SR latches which open and close the door when it reaches the desired elevator floor ?

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    This is obviously coursework. Have you drawn up a block diagram of what you need to include?

    A lot of this would be done with mechanical switches or photo cells.

    The motor has to be reversible so the elevator can go up or down.

    There must be limit switches at the top and bottom of the travel to stop it hitting the roof or the ground.

    Since there are only two floors, an UP/DOWN choice of buttons seems unnecessary.
    If you are on one floor there is only one place to go. Just one button would be needed.

    When the elevator arrives at a floor, it should open the door of that floor.
    When it is about to depart, it should close the door.

    Lights etc are switched by the presence of the elevator at the floor.
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    Thanks for the help !
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