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EMC noise in instrumentation amplifier.

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    First thread on this forum! Thank you for giving me you're opinion about a question that I have.

    I am using a data acquisition system (ADInstruments Powerlab 16/30) to record muscular activity from electrodes. So far, everything is working properly.

    I recently got an approval to move my setup into a new lab. However, it's situated right next to the main electrical room of the hospital I am working for.

    My question is: Do I have to worry about the EMC noise? Is there a danger for my data's integrity?

    Thank you very much!
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    There is no way to answer that question without knowing more details.
    The best thing to do would be to get someone to come and actually measure the room fopr you.
    However, even a measurement will only be helpful if you know exactly WHAT kind of noise you are sensitive to, i.e. are you sensitive to inductive 50/60 HZ pickup, RF, noise on the mains etc.

    You should always worry amout EMI when working with small signals.
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    I looked at the Powerlab 16/30 specifications and it has a built-in low pass filters that might be of help to get rid of any noise above the response frequencies you are looking at.
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