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What is all this hubub about eminate domain and the Supreme Court? :uhh:


misskitty said:
What is all this hubub about eminate domain and the Supreme Court? :uhh:
A good (but long) explanation can be found here...

I just found this a day or 2 ago...

Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter? A new ruling by the Supreme Court which was supported by Justice Souter himself itself might allow it. A private developer is seeking to use this very law to build a hotel on Souter's land.
continued here...

It will never happen but it made me laugh. :smile:
I thought that the intended concept behind "eminent domain" was to provide lawful seizure with due compensation of property that was in the clear and PRESSING interest of national security or "significant" government public works projects.

That private developers could twist this for their own greedy, and I do mean greedy, enterprises is shocking and sad.

These are all my words, but I stick by them.

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