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Emission Spectra and the Rydberg Equation

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    A student collects diffraction data using a lamp with known emission wavelengths of 425nm, 565nm, 600nm, and 700nm. These lines appeared on her spectroscope at 32mm, 59mm, 63mm, and 69mm (all measured from the same arbitrary 0mm position). With these data she is able to calibrate her spectroscope, and using this calibrated spectroscope she observes another lamp that has an emission line at 55mm.

    What is the wavelength of this emission line? (Tip: how can you relate line position with wavelength?)
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    This looks like a homework question. If so, please post in the homework subforum.
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    Yes, please do that. The "Introductory Physics" subforum of "Homework & Coursework Questions" is the appropriate place:


    Use the template that you see when you start a new thread there, and show at least some work or thoughts about the problem.
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