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I Emitting Photon and Energy Change

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    I know that my title is not very suitable for this question, but I couldnt find right words to describe the situation.I read a book called '101 Quantum Questions ' and there writer states that when electron absorbs energy and goes higher energy level, we dont know when and where it will come to lower energy level.

    1-Is this true ? (Am I interpreted this in a right way ? )
    2-Is this problem solved ?
    3-If its solved any references, If its not any ideas,referances about this issue so that I can search more deeply ?

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    I'm not sure everyone would call this a problem. Much quantum behavior is governed by statistical behavior and cannot be predicted in individual cases. This is one of those.
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    I see...the book kind of represented in that way, maybe its about uncertanity principle ? But in other aspects make sense that its statistical and not a problem.
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    In physics a theory gets problems is it contradicts observational facts, but that's not the case here. Spontaneous emission is a probabilistic process, and no observation has disproven this consequence of QT. So there's no problem.
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    Make sense, I thought in a classical way that there must a certain answer to this problem but of course theres not..
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