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Empirical verification of massive Chirality

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    I want to ask someone here with a good practical background about the intrinsic quantum mechanical chirality (not helicty)....of say, a beta particle....Namely, What is the experimental proof of the existence of two distinct chiralities (not helicities) of the electron? IOWs, how can it be it empirically verified....(without, of course, building a 500 GEV accelerator like CERN ; and seeing how it interacts with the W.)??

    If I'm not mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong) the right and left CHIRAL electron, for example, has to do with different shifts in the phase of the wavefunction upon rotation, ...but how do we actually effect a rotation and verify that phase shift difference in practice?

    Not exactly looking for the theoretics of the standard model, although I'm sure I need the refresher....

    I am asking specifically about intrinsic electron chirality differences, in particular,say, the left chiral electron and the right chiral one(anti-positron) and how the differences are empirically verified. IOWs, how do you measure that difference; what chiral property is manifested that can be measured.
    Thanks for the help.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Thanks Vanadiun for the link .

    So this is a deduction based upon gamma (left handed) helicity measurements (in electron capture), implying left hand helicity neutrinos, and due to SM theoretics only the left helicity neutrinos can couple to a left chiral electron (component) (through the W), thus we deduce there are left chiral electrons.?? No ?


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    Yes, although a great deal of "SM theoretics" goes by the name of "conservation of angular momentum".
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