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Encode information to DNA

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    DNA Is a Structure That Encodes Biological Information.
    As you know recently DNA is used to encode digital information. (i.e. translate binary (0,1) to DNA(A,T,C,G)).
    This is very new knowledge.
    Is there any good reference or tutorial book that trains how to encode information to DNA and decode them to original information?

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    You may be interested in reading the following paper: Church, Gao & Kosuri. 2012 Next-Generation Digital Information Storage in DNA. Science 337: 1628. doi:10.1126/science.1226355
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    Thanks for replying. I’ll read it.
    Do you think If I want to study in this field should I pass long-term of bachelor in biology (all 3 years)? Or just pass some courses of molecular biology and biochemistry is enough?
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    I don't know what "some courses" means - do you?
    If you mean study "as a professional" then you should think about either becoming an entrepreneur (if you can't hack the university setting) or a PhD. Whether the PhD is in Computer Science, Microbiology, or Bioinformatics depends on you.
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    If you're mainly interested in just writing and reading information in DNA, you'd only need to a few advanced classes in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, or related fields to understand what's going on. Even someone with a degree in chemistry but no formal training in biology should probably be able to understand the topic well enough. Formal training in biology becomes more necessary when you want to figure out how biological systems are working, but is not so necessary if you're just looking to use biological molecules as tools.
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