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End of electrons leaving metal

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    Zapper, you're so full of assumptions that it's impossible to communicate with you. Did I say it's relevant? It's an apology I think you owe me. I know it was NOT malicious, it probably just didn't compute so you ignored it, until you were reminded of high voltage coils. But apologies should come from the heart, otherwise they're not worth it.

    I'll apologise to you too, if I did hurt you.

    (EDIT: i meant assumptions, not assumption, sorry)
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    Remember what I said about the thread going off in a gazillion direction? You have just shown the reason why. If it is NOT RELEVANT, why did you bring it up?

    And when exactly did I say anything about not being able to add charges to anything? that would be silly! I mentioned about no added charges to the CASE THAT YOU ARE DISCUSSING, which is in the mechanism on such "corona discharge" from lightning rod! It appears that you have a problem in keeping on track with the topic, and comprehending what have been mentioned. Why are there no "added" charge in the case of a breakdown? Because most of these objects are GROUNDED. The accumulation of charges at the sharp point is due to FIELD ENHANCEMENT effect from the external field! I've mentioned this already, but of course, if this is not mentioned in your "high school textbook" that you accept like the Bible, then it doesn't matter, does it?

    Please do not restart a locked thread.

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