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End of knowledge!

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    Dear all,

    My question is a bit philosophical.
    Can humanity reach complete/total/absolute knowledge and control of the world, where there is nothing new to be known?!

    Thnx :)
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    no ...
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    plus one here (or is that minus one?), and an even bigger problem is

    down here [tex]\downarrow[/tex]
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    A = complete knowledge & control of the world
    B = nothing new to be known

    A and B true = possible
    A true and B false = not possible (you can't know everything and still have more to be known)
    A false and B true = possible (you don't have complete knowledge/control, but you've reached the limits of what can be known)
    A false and B false = possible
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    Closed due to already knowing the answer.
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