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Energy cell question: Will it work?

  1. May 5, 2015 #1
    Imagine a ring of transformers and amplifiers connected together. The first transformer increases the voltage using 85% of the current. The amplifier then increases the remaining 15% for a higher current. The now higher current receives a higher voltage from the second transformer again only using 85%, followed by another current amplifier. Will you get a larger voltage and current output than what you started off with?
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    The simplest ring would be a step up transformer and an amplifier, and if you get the polarities and gains correct, a signal will indeed build up around the ring and result in oscillation. But remember that the transformer is not perfect and has losses, and the amplifier is less than 100% efficient and requires more power from its supply than it delivers. So we cannot make a sort of "free energy" machine this way.
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    Thanks for your input, and your time Tech 99. That's a cool ship you've got there, I like. I know that transformers have their losses and I put that into the equation. But please explain why current amplifiers require more energy than they deliver. Last time I checked, they take a low current and make it a larger one; but at the cost of some voltage. You now have a higher current. More current means the next transformer has more energy to work with more volts. I'm not trying to create "free energy" I'm trying to make a, high voltage high current electrical charge. Take a tidal wave for instance. When it comes on shore it doesn't create more water than there already is, it simply makes the water have a higher current and voltage in water since. I thank you for answering my question, you probably know more of what you're talking about than I do. I'm simply explaining myself and why I thought it would work.
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    Welcome to the PF, Nathan.

    We do not discuss over-unity energy devices. They are on the list of forbidden topics here (see Info at the top of the page). Please follow the links below from the rules to help you figure out why they cannot exist. Thread is closed.

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