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Energy is conserved ?

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    energy is conserved ???

    just read about energy conservation but i am not so clear about it .for example : a particle moves in uniform oscillation electric field - does the energy conserved ?

    what is the criterion for conservation energy?

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    Energy conservation refers to the total energy of a system. In the situation you refer to, the relevant components of the energy are (1) the particle's kinetic energy, (2) the particle's potential energy and (3) the energy contained in the field itself. When you do a full accounting of energy, it is conserved.
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    A charged particle moving in an electric field contributes K.E to the the whole energy , and is more of part of the TOTAL-ENERGY , Conservation.Of.Energy is taken in sense , that at the lost of some energy , energy is gained by some other source within the system , so that Total energy remains the same.

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