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I Energy-time versus time bin DOF

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    With respect to entanglement, is the energy-time degree of freedom continuous whilst the time bin DOF is discrete or is there some other difference (if any) ?
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    What do you mean by "the energy-time degree of freedom" and "the time bin DOF"?
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    The means by which information can be encoded when using photons to hold qubits as part of hyperentanglement schemes.
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    Sorry, this doesn't help. Do you have a reference? (Textbook or peer-reviewed paper.)
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    Discussion and Summary Section of the following refers to both terms.

    Complete hyperentangled Bell state analysis for polarization and time-bin hyperentanglement
    Li X, Ghose S

    Optics Express, vol. 24, issue 16 (2016) p. 18388
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    It looks like this is the preprint on arxiv:


    I see the term "time-bin degree of freedom" used there (though I'll have to read through the article when I get a chance to understand what they mean by it), but I don't see the term "energy-time degree of freedom" anywhere in the article. So I still don't know what you mean by that term.
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    In the first part of the particular section I mentioned-

    ''....Hyperentanglement has attracted much attention in recent years due to its promising applica- tions. Besides the traditional DOFs of photons, the energy-time and orbital angular momentum DOFs also have been considered in constructing hyperentanglement [63, 64]...''

    thanks for your feedback.
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    Ok, this just references some other papers; the terminology isn't explained in this paper, as far as I can tell. My initial reaction is that this looks like an open area of research, so discussion of it here will probably be limited.
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    This paper may help. Seems to be in a proper journal.


    Coherent Ultrafast Measurement of Time-Bin Encoded Photons
    John M. Donohue,Megan Agnew, Jonathan Lavoie, and Kevin J. Resch
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