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Engineer, Energy: Entry-Level Employment Abroad

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    I am a US citizen and I love to travel. I am also a second year graduate student, earning my MS in Mechanical Engineering - concentrating in 'fluid mechanics, thermal sciences and energy'. I will be graduating in May 2008 and have some questions regarding subsequent aspirations of mine.

    My objective is to move abroad and utilize my knowledge of energy systems, within a thermal-fluid context, in a spanish-speaking country (Spain is an obvious frontrunner). Renewable energy technologies are of particular interest to me, and
    Spain's windpower generation has increased by roughly 30percent annually for the last 8 or so years- I view this as an ideal opportunity to make my debut. I see two routes of achieving my goal of attaining employment as an engineer abroad: locate a company based overseas and obtain a working visa, for what will probably be a short duration; or become employed by a US-based engineering firm or company with an engineering subdivision (e.g GE, Boeing) and satellite branches overseas. I realize that in the latter option interest of job may be sacrificed; I feel that I can afford this loss.

    I am not opposed to Central or South American countries, either, but my research of energy engineering jobs there has been disconcerting, yielding little. And should I find nothing in Spain I'd still prefer to work in Europe as opposed to the US (I enjoy Italy and Switzerland immensely).

    I would very much appreciate advice with regard to what route might be taken to obtain engineering employment in a spanish-speaking country (or another in Europe). If I choose to work for an American company would they even consider immediate placement overseas? If so, would you suggest a few for me to look into? Do you think I am under illusions, or can I really make this happen?

    I am simply seeking some direction amongst these vast desires of mine. To those willing to offer feedback: I thank you.
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