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Hi all, I used to post a bunch of questions on these forums back when I was doing my undergrad and am back for some career advice!

I live in Canada and graduated with a mining engineering degree 4 years ago. Since graduating I've realized I'd like my career to shift more into the civil/ geotechnical world. The two are intertwined in many ways, and I took multiple civil courses in school such as soil mechanics 1/2, slope stability, rock mechanics etc....

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about making the switch? I currently work in a large mine in northern Canada and I don't think its feasibly to transfer within my company. I've conaidered returning to school and trying to get into a civil masters program to help make the switch a bit easier.

Thanks in advance!

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I am sure that you could get into a civil engineer masters program, but the opportunity cost of a couple of years of lost wages is quite high. Is it worth it to you?

What exactly would you want to be able to do afterwards? Do you know of any companies that already do that work? If so, maybe a better choice would be to switch to such a company with your current education and work yourself to the type of project you are interested in.
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If you want to change job paths, and your current company does not provide the flavor you crave, you probably have to move. I'm guessing that when you are working in "a large mine in northern Canada" that there is not much other than the mining company in the same town. So your options may be pretty limited if you stay in that town.

Polish up your resume and send it to a few possible new employers. Google up companies that might be your new employer.

Maybe instead of adding a master's degree, maybe all you need is to tack on a couple new skills. That might be available in a couple night classes or online training or some such.
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Look for jobs online that sound interesting. See what qualifications and experience they ask for. Don't be too worried if you don't have everything they ask for. Perhaps even apply for one or two to test the market. You're under no obligation to accept any job offers!

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