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Engineering Physicist

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    Hi. :blushing:

    I'll be starting college this fall. I know I want to do something in physics, engineering or math -- things of that nature.

    I looked at the course requirements for an engineering physicist, and I was wondering what sort of things they do, and where they can get jobs.

    ^ Is all that the site said about employment.

    Aside from seeing that I can can potentially work for these companies, I have no clue what I'd do for a living.

    Does anybody have information about engineering physics?
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    Dr Transport

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    If you work for many of those companies, you won't be able to talk about what you do, either it wil be corporate limited or classified.
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    I was looking into double majoring in EE and Eng. Phy. Both are very close in degree requirements (until the last year). If you are interested take a look at a school which offers E.P. and see what courses they offer. That should give you an idea of the course work. As far as work realize that E.P. does not recieve ABET accreditation. I don't really knows how much that matters but it is something to keep in mind.
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    I know what classes I have to take and all, but what sort of jobs do EPs do?
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    It is my understanding that EP's are very well versed in most of the underlying principles of most of the engineering disciplines. Specifically, electrical and mechanical engineering. I assume you could get work in areas that would typically employ the aforementioned. Also, an EP would be very well suited for the emerging field of Nanotechnology due to the Physics background. If you want to find what positions are out there email someone in that department that is the best way to get some concrete answers.
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