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Homework Help: Engineering Problem, Newtons Law based, Any help would be great

  1. Apr 21, 2008 #1
    Hi guys.

    This is my first post.

    I am currently on an engineering apprenticeship and its mostly practical but i have been given a newtons law question which i am finding very hard.

    I have attempted it but still come up stuck.

    I have attached the question with the drawing.

    I have answered part a.

    With S= (V.T)/2
    S was 100 (area under the Velocity / time Graph)

    T was 20 m/s

    So that gave (S)100 = V(?) x (T)20 / 2

    So V = 10 m/s

    Now I'm really stumped on B and C.

    Any help would be Great.

    And now I've found this site i hope to give alot of help back as i have nearly finished my partisanship.


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    Welcome to the PF, Mike. I've moved your post to the Homework Help section of the PF. Even though it is for an apprenticeship, this kind of post still qualifies as homework/coursework-like, and needs to be kept in the Homework Help forums.

    I'm a bit confused by the work you've done so far. What is "T"? Is it a velocity, with units of m/s?
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    Thanks for moving it (sorry i put it in the wrong place), i had considered putting it in here but i thought engineering.

    And T is time and i have put M/ in extra (dam) i would edit that but carnt (think cos its been moved).

    As for doing it i think I've cracked it, so will post the answer tomorrow (if its wanted)
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    Yes, please post the answer when you get it. Glad that you're figuring it out.
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