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Enthalpy Tables for various fuels

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    Hi all!!!!
    I am rather new to the site and in addition, most of the topics I am messing with are outside of my schooling and experience as I am an electrical engineering and an automotive gear head. I am trying to further automotive science by creating a spreadsheet for combustion and power and other mumble jumble. Anway, I have done some posting under the following thread:

    Alot of what I asked for I have had to do some baby steps to accomplish my cool spreadsheet. Anyway, what I need help is enthalpy tables for fuel combustion of gasoline (CnH1.87n), methanol, ethanol, and propane. I have a basic table for 295*K(?) and 1 atm. However user configuration of various geometric aspect and environment aspects dont conform to that. I need way more data. My pressures and temperatures can vary quite a bit. I need tables to look up the information, then extrapolate to meet the conditions. Where can I find the information? Is it online in a soft format that I could just cut and paste?

    I appeciate any and all help! Thanks!

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    crc handbook of chemistry and physics
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    Sorry to say it, but google would help.
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