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Equation for the EMF generated by a spinning magnet?

  1. Jan 31, 2015 #1
    I have found an equation which gives the EMF generated in a coil when a magnet is spun near it, the equation is given as:

    E = FNAω × 10-8 volts.

    Where F is the field of the sample perpendicular to the axis of roation, N is the number of turns, A is the effective area of the coil and ω is the angular velocity of rotation.

    Now this looks a lot like Faraday's law, E = N[ΔBA/t].

    My question is, how do you get from Faraday's law to the first equation?

    Assuming that when they say F is the field, they mean the strength of the field, I don't see how you can get the units to match up. Unless I'm mistaken and F is more than just the strength of the field and it is perhaps a vector quantity, but then what vector quantity is it and how is it desribed?
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    Update: I think I've sussed it, though if anyone can verify my mathematics that would be great.
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