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Eric V Intro

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    Hi guys!

    I was an active member of this forum back in the 2005-2009 era, but I've long forgotten my password and user name.

    I probably won't be on very much. I don't do a lot of physics anymore and have forgot most everything not conceptual. I was a physics minor and mathematics major when I first started college, so I attended some interesting lectures and had a good time reading up on the subject, but I've been studying computer science for a few years now after taking a few years off of college altogether.

    I look forward to everyone's insight and hopefully I'll be able to offer a little myself.

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    Welcome back!

    What areas of Computer Science most interest you now?
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    Well, currently I'm studying discrete mathematics in preparation for more in depth study into computational theory. Complexity theory has always been very interesting to me, and I'm grinding through predicate calculus and set theory in order to be prepped for that course of study.

    I will probably end up doing both of my required upper division electives in Computational Theory and Complexity theory, because my introductory courses in that line of study were really interesting to me.

    To be honest though, I've had so much information thrown at me in school that it's hard to say with certainty! It's all very interesting and there's a lot to learn.
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    Keep up the good work!
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