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Error analysis/mechanics help appreciated!

  1. Jul 27, 2013 #1
    State and justify the techniques you would use to reduce the errors of the following. Each explanation should show a clear understanding of why the technique is relevant in the particular situation.

    1. Measure the time it takes for a ping pong ball to drop from a height of 50 cm and bounce 3 times.

    2. Measure the voltage across a resistor. Imagine you are provided with a connected series circuit of battery in holder, resistor, lamp, contact switch, 2 connecting wires, and a multimeter.

    3. Measure the mass of a washer if you are provided with 5 washers and a digital balance.

    4. Find the leg room under the bench (distance from the ground to the bottom of the metal strip under the bench top). You are provided with a metre ruler.
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    Hi, welcome to physicsforums Ms. Anderson :)
    You've posted the question, but not your answer. Even if it seems too difficult, try to give a proper attempt at the answer.
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