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Error in book? (derivation of quantum well)

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    Can anybody explain me why in the third bracket in 3.139 is suddenly a minus instead of a plus? In 3.136 it is a Plus! And it is pure substitution as far as I understand...

    And I checked everything before a few times: It should be correct!

    And the next crazy stuff: From where does suddenly the "i" in the numerator (3.140) appear?

    Thank you :-)
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    Hi divB!

    You're absolutely right. There is a plus sign in the 3rd bracket and some confusion with factors of i in (3.140).

    I found a later version of his book, where the errors are corrected. I attached a bmp of the relevant page.

    Enjoy the book!

    Best regards Martin

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    GREAT!!!!! Thank you very much!

    I can't believe it! It took me at least 5 hours ;-)

    Thank you!!
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