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Escape from totally closed empty room

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    Hi guys! I have one question that bothers me for reeeeally long time (and it's NOT homework! :-) I found one question which goes like this "How can physics help you escape from a totally closed empty room?" Of course it means that room doesn't have any doors or windows, it would be too easy to answer it...
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    Physics cannot help here, but math can: Define the inside of the room as the outside. See https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=104076&p=869356"
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    If the room is empty, then you're not inside it.
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    quantum tunneling, or i heard another question like how can you get to the other side of the room and there is nothing in the room , to get to the other side you take your clothes off and push them away from you.
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    Ranger Mike

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    C 4..lots of C 4
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    That's what I was thinking. Just run headlong into the wall repeatedly. There is an infinitesimal but finite possibility you'll appear on the other side.

    And if you try that experiment, please post it on youtube. Thanks.
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    The possibility is zero =) wave function collapses...
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    This reminds me of a joke. A mathematician, a physicist and an engineer are at a farm and the farmer asks them to fence off the most amount of area using the least amound of fence. The engineer knows that the circle has the best diameter to area ratio, so he contructs a big circle. He looks smug thinking he has won when the physicist makes a fence that goes all round the earth. Then the mathematician come along and makes a tiny circle around him and says "I declare myself to be on the outside".
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    Focus, =)) It reminds me of this one... Biologist, physicist and mathematician are travelling in Australia and suddenly this see a black sheep. Biologist says: "Look! There are black sheep in Australia!", physicist says: "No, you're wrong, there is at least one black sheep in Australia." and mathematician says: "You are both wrong, there is at least one sheep in Australia that is black at least on one side".
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    Heisenberg gets pulled over by the cops for speeding and the cop says do you know
    how fast you were going and Heisenberg says "no but i know where i am .
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    A bunch of mathematicians and engineers are going to a mathematical engineering conferance on a train together. The engineers have all got tickets but they notice that the mathematicians have one ticket between them. They all start to laugh at how stupid mathematicians are and how they are going to get busted and fined. One mathematician runs in shouting "ticket inspector", then all of the mathematicians crowd in to the loo. The inspector knocks on the door and says "tickets please", and they slide the ticket under the door. The inspector rips the ticket and shoves it back and moves on.

    On the way back the engineers now have one ticket between them and they realise that the mathematicians have no tickets. They start joking and laughing again how stupid mathematicians are and how this time they are really gonna get fined. The mathematician runs in again shouting "ticket inspector" so all the engineers cram in to the to loo. The mathematician knocks on the door and says "tickets please"...
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    But just sitting around will do fine as well !
    Ah I see your point..
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    The way I understand the math is you wouldn't even need to run into the wall if you just sat long enough there is a extreamly small chance you would just appear outside the room.
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    Ha ha ha. Very imaginative answers. It seems that I've opened new topic for engineer-physicist-mathematician jokes :-)
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    Dead people can not escape.
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    Most of the walls I've seen are drywall. A focused punch here, a power kick there, and you've created a mess. And after all that work to wall you in! *shakes head*
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    :biggrin: Good one
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    A mathematician, an Italian, and a minister are in a room without any windows or doors. The Italian calls out "Get your ice cream, get your tutsi fruitsi ice cream". The minister says "Are those tout sheets you've got on your ice cream box?" The mathematician says I'll take one of those sheets" and he pays for it. The minister says "Being a mathematician, you should know better than to gamble." The mathematician says "So what, I have lots of money. I teach at the university so my kids can go to school for nothing". The minister says "Big deal, I'm a minister, so my kids can be good for nothing." The Italian goes back to singing out "Get your ice cream, get your tutsi fruitsi ice cream". The mathematician peruses the tout sheet and says to the Italian "What does this mean: 2837 to win in the first?" The Italian says "Oh that. You need a code book to see what it means." "Where can I get a code book?" asks the mathematician. The minister starts to preach, "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to weave." "I just happen to sell those too." said the Italian. The mathematician shoves the minister aside and tells him to shove it. Then he asks the Italian how much for the code book?" The Italian says "If you gotta ask, you can't afford it." The minister is good and mad now and he charges the mathematician. But his aim is bad and he knocks the Italian down. The Italian gets up, presents an open hand to the minister and says "Pick two". The mathematician starts chasing the Italian who is chasing the minister who in turn is chasing the mathematician. Round and round the ice cream box they go until they are all out.
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    Niels Bohr is visited by his students at his home. They notice a horse shoe over the door, and ask him, if he is superstitious. He replies: "No, but I have been told that it works, even if you don't believe in it".
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